Film News From Another Universe

Going through old magazines, I found these tidbits in a 1993 issue of Video Games mag:

Commands, in order:

  1. Wow, the rumor of a Pong movie has been around for a long time. I still want to see the Joust movie though. Take your place among the flying elite!
  2. I cannot imagine anyone other than Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. Especially not this guy.
  3. Sadly that FF movie actually did get made. Sadly, so did the 2005 one.
  4. I didn’t like the Lost in Space movie all that much, but I’m so glad this isn’t what got made.
  5. Sadly, the Guyver movie also got made. Poor Luke Skywalker.

Also, this:

Evidently I need to see City Hunter.  Parody aside, why is it that film and cartoon adaptations of Street Fighter are so universally bad? Oh, wait, I remember why now – it’s because the game back-story LICKS DONKEY! Great game, lousy storyline.

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  • frink says:

    Yeah, but the Corman FF “movie” did get made, and I would have taken that for a frame from it without the text.