Resurrecting an extinct dessert

Today is my birthday, and normally on my birthday I have scratch cake as a treat.  This year I decided to do something different, and attempt to reproduce my all-time favorite dessert, something I’ve never found a replacement for.

In my early teens we lived in Manitoba, and sometimes we would go down to Brandon for overnight shopping trips.  On a few occasions we ate at a restaurant called Aunt Sara’s, which had the best dessert I’ve ever had – a layer of vanilla ice cream between two warm cake layers, all covered with very thick hot fudge sauce.  I had it two or three times, then we moved away.

When I returned a few years later, the restaurant was under new management and no longer had the same desserts.  Since then I’ve been trying similar desserts at other restaurants looking for a replacement.  Injury to insult, Google tells me the restaurant has now been demolished.

ABC’s Hot Fudge Mt. Baker is similar in form but not in execution – the ice cream is sub-par, the fudge sauce is runny and insufficient, the cake is too fluffy and there’s way too much whipped cream on it.  Moxies’ White Chocolate Brownie is the best cake-and-ice-cream dessert I’ve found since (on the rare occasions they put enough sauce on it and remember to heat up the brownie) but it’s not the same thing.

Anyway, I decided to try and recreate the original Aunt Sara’s dessert myself.  I’ve been planning this for a few months and have tried several different cake recipes and fudge sauces.  In the end I settled on these.  Normally I’d use Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but I thought I’d try this organic ice cream I recently spotted.  It’s pretty good.

(And before you call me out for using gluten-free and organic stuff and not using a scratch cake recipe, I chose these for flavor and texture.)

Cake baked (with an extra egg to bulk it up a bit), chilled to make it cut more cleanly, then reheated in the microwave along with the fudge sauce. Cut a slice of the ice cream with a hot knife (not easy to get it out of the tub in slice form), and voila:

Although mine is a little sloppy, this actually looks pretty similar to the original (minus whipped cream, which is usually an annoyance anyway).  Flavor-wise, unfortunately, it doesn’t stack up to my memories of the original.  It’s close.  Closer than ABC’s version and closer than anything else I’ve tried since, but still not the same. Maybe I’m over-romanticizing my memories.  But it’s good and I’ll still call it a success.  Going to have to finished it over several days to avoid a sugar coma tnough.

Film News From Another Universe

Going through old magazines, I found these tidbits in a 1993 issue of Video Games mag:

Commands, in order:

  1. Wow, the rumor of a Pong movie has been around for a long time. I still want to see the Joust movie though. Take your place among the flying elite!
  2. I cannot imagine anyone other than Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. Especially not this guy.
  3. Sadly that FF movie actually did get made. Sadly, so did the 2005 one.
  4. I didn’t like the Lost in Space movie all that much, but I’m so glad this isn’t what got made.
  5. Sadly, the Guyver movie also got made. Poor Luke Skywalker.

Also, this:

Evidently I need to see City Hunter.  Parody aside, why is it that film and cartoon adaptations of Street Fighter are so universally bad? Oh, wait, I remember why now – it’s because the game back-story LICKS DONKEY! Great game, lousy storyline.