Some amusing ads

Spotted these in an oldish magazine (1986).

Check the price:

And this – while perhaps unremarkable, it makes me wonder what crimes perpetrated against us today resulted from the placement of this job ad:

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  • admin says:

    Yeah, EGA was largely irrelevant. Hercules was thankfully just before my time, and it was VGA that pushed CGA out of all the machines I had access to. Mind, the high-res VGA mode (640x480x4) was just a slightly higher resolution version of EGA’s top mode.

    Glad to be of reader service. :)

  • Mike says:

    EGA: there’s three letters I haven’t seen put together in a verrrry long time. Did we manage to suppress that during the transition from CGA to VGA, or was it just me? Come to think of it, “Reader Service Number X” is also something I haven’t seen jammed together in a very long time. Man, you make me feel old.