to Fort Frances


Relatively short drive to Fort Frances today.  Another chilly and rainy day, though nowhere near as wet and cold as yesterday.  Weather forecast looks good for the next few days though, and indeed it started clearing up when I arrived here.

I like this road (#11) better than the usual route between Thunder Bay and Kenora (#17).  Much more varied landscape here, and more of the swamps and small lakes with islands that I like.


For some reason on my return trip I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting hotel rooms – I thought with kids being back in school, accommodation would be easier to find, but instead the reverse seems true.  So now I’m making reservations two days in advance just to be safe – but even so, all the chain hotels here were already booked solid.  I settled for a place called La Place Rendez-Vous Resort, which actually turns out to be pretty nice.  I have a view over Rainy Lake, and can listen to the waves on the shore right from my room.


Fort Frances seems like a fairly nice town – clean, nice downtown area, lots of large houses with large lots, lots of trees, and a bike path long the lake shore.  The only thing that mars it is the huge pulp mill right next to downtown.

[gmap file=”__UPLOAD__/2011/09/20110922.kml” visible=”true” type=”satellite” zoom=”auto” center=”files”]

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