Brandon to Winnipeg


Not a terribly eventful day; just a short drive to Winnipeg, where I plan to spend two nights as there are some museum type things I want to do there.

Some of the farmers in this area grow sunflowers:


I took a detour to check out the Spirit Sands desert in Spruce Woods park, but sadly the access road had been washed out – apparently the Assiniboine river flooded rather badly this year.  I did get to check out another, non-sandy hiking area nearby though. Weird landscape:


Just grass, sage and trees – almost no mid-size shrubberies.

I like this area.  When we were shopping around for our farm, my mother and I looked at property near here.  I thought it was neat that it was basically just small trees growing out of sand, and there was sand everywhere.  Obviously we didn’t buy the place since it would have been impossible to grow anything there, but it was neat anyway.  I found the iron foot of an old claw-foot bathtub near a ruined house on that property, and it might still be in our shed on the farm to this day.

Continued on to Winnipeg, and made the mistake of driving downtown at rush hour. Aggravating.  Got a room for the night, then got a dessert from Baked Expectations at the recommendation of a co-worker – and boy was it good.  I will get more desserts there tomorrow, the next day and on my return trip.

[gmap type=”satellite” file=”__UPLOAD__/2011/08/20110817.kml” visible=”true” zoom=”auto” center=”files”]

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