Road trip post for August 9, 2011.

Not much to say about today.  Other than the June outing to Long Beach, this is the first day of my big trip.  Uneventful; I got off to a bit of a late start and except for a few short breaks, drove all the way through until 7:30pm.

Stayed at the Three Valley Lake Chateau, that picturesque resort with the red roof between Sicamous and Revelstoke.  It’s pretty nice.  No cell service here though, and I couldn’t get the wireless working with my laptop, hence the delayed posts.

There’s a big “Ghost Town” tourist trap next door that I’ve always eyeballed on the way past.  Since admission is half price for resort guests, I’ll check it out in the morning.


Today’s GPS track (no music because I was driving with the window down all day due to the heat):

[gmap width=”80%” file=”__UPLOAD__/2011/08/20110809.kml” zoom=”auto” type=”satellite” center=”files” visible=”true”]

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