Book Report: The Clean series by Robert Martin

I recently finished reading a trio of books of software development best practices by “Uncle Bob” Martin. The books are:

  • Clean Code – this one is about the nuts and bolts of making your code readable and maintainable.
  • Clean Architecture – this is about system-level design; how to modularize systems properly to make them flexible and maintainable.
  • The Clean Coder – how to behave professionally as a programmer, assuming you want to. This was was the most interesting to me, because nobody ever tells you this stuff.

Because I also wanted to turn this into a presentation for my colleagues at work, I’ve taken extensive notes and shared them as a slide deck here.

If you’re interested in knowing what’s in the books but aren’t sure if you want to read them, I encourage you to have a look over my notes. They’re all in order by chapter and summarize what I consider the important points. If they catch your interest, you’ll be able to find the relevant section in the book easily from this.

I agree with much of what Martin says in these books, but by no means all. Architecture and professionalism are areas wherein I want to improve myself, and I intend to continue reading this type of book.

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