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I had originally planned a one-day layover in Saskatoon, as there were a number of museums I was interested in seeing.  Unfortunately the must important one, the Saskatchewan Railway Museum, is already closed for the season.  So I decided to only stay for one night, and start the day with a quick visit to the Saskatoon branch of the Western Development Museum.

It’s a decent museum.  I was most impressed with their collection of freakish antique farm equipment, many of which I hadn’t seen before.

Luxury tractor – unpopular because it cost twice what its competitors did, but it did sell because it had headlights, which enabled working at night:


Tractor conversion kit for early Fords – flopped because the car didn’t have enough power, even with the gearing-down this kit applied:


This thing is freakin huge.  Not even the modern 12-wheeled tractors they use in the mud near Winnipeg are this bulky:


This contraption (a Saskatchewan invention, I think) was for stacking and binding cut hay.  There was a contract to mass produce it, but production was stalled by the Great Depression, and when that was over the modern type of combine had been invented and the job this machine did was no longer relevant:


More random machines:


“Why?” department: Of all the representatives you could have chosen…



After the museum, drove to Drumheller.  Long drive, but not as bad as yesterday.

This scene:


I snapped because it reminded me of this Valve concept art:


And here’s the government mind control device near Alsask:


And of course, you can’t go to Drumheller without visiting the hoodoos.  This must be at least the eighth time I’ve been here:


My self-portrait for today:


[gmap file=”__UPLOAD__/2011/09/20110927.kml” visible=”true” zoom=”auto” type=”satellite” center=”files”]

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