Drove from Sicamous to Vancouver today, taking alternate routes via Kelowna and the back way from Hope just for variety.

Lousy weather today – heavy rain most of the way, some very dark clouds near Hope, and driving through the clouds themselves much of the way:


Not a whole lot to say.  I’m home, my physical trip is finished. (The conceptual trip, of course, finishes where it started, but I’ve already done that part.)

I was away from home for 54 days total.  I’ll post some statistics about the trip in a week or so once I have all the numbers.

As for summarizing feelings – I’ll have to think about it for a while, but I’m really glad I did this.  Most importantly, I put some old ghosts to rest (like my memories of the farm in Manitoba) and formed some adult impressions of the eastern provinces to supplement my vague childhood memories.

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way!

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