Leaving New Brunswick


Today was mainly a driving day.

I stopped at the town of Hartland for a break, and saw their claim to having the world’s longest covered bridge:


I also noticed the first sign of fall colors today, which works out elegantly since part of the reason for the timing of my trip was the hope of seeing some reds and yellows on the trees during my return trip.


Not much else to say about today, but I remembered a few other things I wanted to say on other days:

Atlantic provinces, you like traffic circles a little too much.  I like the single-lane traffic circles we have in some residential neighborhoods in Vancouver and other cities – they generally work better than having stop signs everywhere.  But out here there are two- and three- lane traffic circles and they’re used for important intersections, and I find them confusing and dangerous.

Also, stoplight durations are way longer here than in the western provinces.

Secondly, I really like a lot of the place names in the eastern half of the country.  Richibucto. Bouctouche. Manicougan. Chibougamau. Shubenacadie. Rustico. Pictou. Doak. Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! (seriously). Temagami.  I think the eastern tribes’ languages tended to induce some pretty nice names.

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