(Project completed: 1998)

Cuspy is an interactive cubic curve editor for X-Windows that I wrote during a graphics course at the University of Calgary. It was originally my solution to one of the assignments but the instructor, Dr. Prusinkiewicz, liked it and wanted to use it as a tool for his own work. Dr. P works on modelling plants, and he uses the program to define the cross-sections of leaves and stems. He uses other programs to sweep the cross-sections into surfaces that can be passed to renderers.

In response to his request I spruced up the program and removed most of the bugs. The result is available here. Click on the image below to see the full-size screen shot.

Cuspy screenshot

Cuspy is written in C++ and uses Bill Spitzak's excellent FLTK windowing tookkit. Drawing is done using OpenGL and works with the Mesa OpenGL work-alike library. It has been tested under X-Windows on a Pentium running Linux and on an SGI Indigo running their window manager.

The current version of Cuspy is 2.0. This version has been tested on Debian Linux with the latest (as of 2000) versions of FLTK and Mesa.

Known Bugs:

UPDATE: I am no longer supporting Cuspy because I have moved on to new projects and do not have time for it. In the unlikely event that anyone is actually using this program (Helloooo? Echo... echo...) I encourage them to hire one of their undergrad students to upgrade it to meet their needs.

Online documentation for Cuspy in HTML format. These files are needed for Cuspy's online help system (it invokes Netscape to view them - how's that for silly?).


Cuspy source code. This program is under the GNU General Public License. Makefiles for Linux and IRIX are included. You will need FLTK and either Mesa or OpenGL libraries installed in order to make Cuspy.