Lego Project: The Paul Bunyan Machine

(Project completed: 2015-08)

A while back I decided to build this giant machine from one of my favorite Uncle Scrooge stories in Lego, at mini-fig scale. Oddly I didn't realize until partway through that the machine is essentially a giant combine with an axe added on the front. Strange how you can sometimes overlook the obvious for half a lifetime.

I had only the above and the following three images for reference, as they're the only usable drawings in the story. I decided to go with the color scheme shown on the cover instead of the interior, and stick with the relatively sparse ornamentation.

Images from Uncle Scrooge Adventures #20 reproduced without permission.

I set the size of the large front wheels as the reference point, relative to a mini-fig, and worked frontward then backward from there. The large wheels were a challenge, but ended up working well enough. Although the facades are octagonal, the treads are 16-sided and roll fairly well.

I'm not completely happy with the proportions of the result; it looks less squat than in the drawings. But I'm not sufficiently dissatisfied to start over. This took a long time and I want to move on to something new.

Here are some construction details on the large and small wheels, which were by far the most complex part of the model: