Lego Project: Ogel Amphibious Transport

(Project completed: 2003-10)

Model overview.

I've always had a fondness for things with tentacles, and the appearance of the Ogel Mutant Squid set (4796) with its tentacle pieces have me a bunch of ideas. This is the first one I executed.

Detachable cab detail.

Basically it's a flatbed truck, but uses tentacles for locomotion instead of wheels. The engine sits at the back, and the control cabin is a detachable jet/submarine escape pod as shown at left. The cargo deck is designed mainly to accomodate modular cargo platforms, and there are fasteners at both ends to attach them to.

Troop cargo.

This slightly blurry image shows the platform holding four undead Ogel troopers with powered exoskeletons.

Underside detail.

This brightness-boosted image attempts to show the underside construction of the vehicle. Although I use Tecnhic parts to attach the tentacles, they are not articulated because some stiffness is needed to keep the vehicle standing. A non-collapsing articulation scheme could be devised, but it would significantly increase the size of the undercarriage.

Loading crane detail.

These pictures show one example cargo module/attachment for the transport, a small mobile crane. The clips at the ends of its base attach to corresponding grips on the vehicle to secure the module. I had planned several other such modules and a docking bay where they could be added and removed by another crane, but I decided to move on to other things instead.