(Project last updated: 1997-07)

Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris (SPISPOPD) is a fun game by Mike Hommel (Hamumu Software). It's a one-player, top-down game (think of Gauntlet) in which Bouapha the Gourdslayer must use his mighty hammer to wreak general havoc amongst the residents of planet Pumpkinia and take back Earth's candle supply.

I liked the game enough to register it. Mike came out with a level and graphics editor for the game, and I made a bunch of my own add-on levels for it. Man, I love customizable games.

Unfortunately as a result of general lack of disk space and a couple of big crashes (caused by other programs, not SPISPOPD!), I lost my levels. I started over, and here's the end result.


Can Bouapha survive the horrors of the pumpkin graveyard? It's up to you. Lots of bosses in this one.