Red Alert Maps

(Project last updated: 1998-08)

Red Alert was for a long time my favorite real-time strategy game. The computer AI wasn't too hot but it's still fun to play skirmishes. Multiplayer games are lots of fun. I don't play single-player games though.

These are some maps I created to make multiplayer versus computer opponents more interesting.

(64x64 2-8 player skirmish map)
You'll run into your opponents almost immediately in this small map. Protecting your harvester will be a major issue.

(96x96 2-8 player skirmish map)
Not one of my best maps, but still good for a longer skirmish. Sites on the outer border are more easily defended from land attacks, but are tight on space and vulnerable to boats. Sites on the island are slightly less defensible but have more space for buildings.

(96x96 2-8 player skirmish map)
This map isn't quite balanced between players, but is still lots of fun. Players who favor sea attacks will have to do a lot of sailing to find the enemy, but will be able to pound their whole base once found. Defensive players can easily fortify themselves against land attacks by destroying bridges.

(126x64 4-8 player skirmish map)
This map has an overabundance of resources, and every player gets the same starting conditions. There are only two passages connecting each area to its neighbors, so land defense is easy. I don't recommend a protracted 8-player game though, as you can generate huge numbers of units and slow the game engine to a crawl.

(96x96 4-8 player skirmish map)
Although there are no natural barriers to use for defense, you can actually hold out against a mass attack if you manage to get your ground defenses up in time. Plentiful resources make this one a contest of building judgement. A favorite tactic to use against the computer here is to build a line of ore silos towards its base and then destroy its buildings with Tesla coils.

(96x96 2-8 player skirmish map)
Lots of land area, debatable tactical advantages to using boats, and defensible base sites make this a fun map. The player who gets stuck in the northwest corner will have strong defense, but fewer resources and can be cut off from the rest of the map.

(96x96 2-8 player skirmish map)
This is my favorite map. Lots of resources, some defensible positions and some not, and long routes make this a good map to play against the computer. It's fun with humans too.

(64x126 2-6 player skirmish map)
This is my most recent map, and I haven't fully evaluated its balance yet. In a skirmish against the computer, this one seems a little more challenging than my other ones. Space is at a premium here, and although there are lots of natural barriers, defense is not easy.