Doom ][ Maps

(Project completed: 1995-06)

The following are some Doom ][ PWADs I've created myself. These were mostly made in 1995, at the height of the game's popularity. My friends and I had multiple LAN or model deathmatches per week during those days, and were always looking for new maps to spice things up.

These levels were created using EdMap.

SDLWAD01.ZIP (27K) Doom ][ level 1 (map only).
This map was created as an experiment - to get a bunch of different demons into a big fight that you can watch with God Mode on. 1-4 players, monsters. You can set up a monster fight by running down the main corridor, which opens all the monster pen doors. The fight outcome isn't always what you might expect.

SDLWAD02.ZIP (47K) Doom ][ level 2 (map only).
This map was an experiment to see how large a room the Doom engine would let me make. The major limitation turned out to be the number of sectors within the room and I didn't want to sacrifice detail. The map is patterned after a racetrack. 1-4 players, monsters.

SDLWAD03.ZIP (53K) Doom ][ level 3 (map only).
This level was started with use in a tournament in mind, but later became another series of experiments. I like seeing what new and interesting things can be done with Doom maps. 1-4 players, monsters.

SDLWAD04.ZIP (66K) Doom ][ level 4 (map only).
This huge level started out as a scratchpad for more experiments, and I decided to make it into a complete level. I guess I added a bit too much. 1-4 players, monsters.

SDLWAD05.ZIP (37K) Doom ][ level 5 (map only).
This map is designed around a pentagram. I started out with the intention of making a star-shaped hallway that you could only run around in one direction. I did that, and then had to think up more stuff to add to make a workable map. 1-4 players, monsters. Probably can't be finished by one player without cheating.

SDLWAD06.ZIP (53K) Doom ][ level 6 (map only).
This map is based on American McGee's IDMAP01.WAD, an excellent deathmatch level. I prefer larger levels for deathmatching, so I added a lot of stuff to it. There are monsters but they're not very dangerous. There are also several nasty booby traps. I hope it's still a good deathmatch map. 1-4 players, monsters.

SDLWAD07.ZIP (27K) Doom ][ level 7 (map only).
Since I started this series of WADs I've been trying to think of a design worthy of level 7, which we all know is the One True Deathmatch Level. I hope this PWAD proves worthy of the honor. It's small enough to be a fast deathmatch level, the sniper spots are dangerous places to hang out, and for single-player and co-op games the monsters are enough to make you wish you had brought weapons from the last level.

SDLWAD08.ZIP (16K) Doom ][ level 8 (map only).
I like fractals. I just had to try this. I think you'll find this level little more than a refueling stop for single-player or team play but very disorienting for deathmatching. If you can learn to always know where you are on this level, you'll be a better Doom navigator than I am. 1-4 players, a couple of monsters.