Video Game Collection: Vectrex

The Vectrex is a system a coveted as a child, but couldn't own until much, much later. I saw plenty of ads for it in video game magazines and even saw one for same once in a department store, but it was expensive and I already had a video game system and therefore couldn't make the case to my parents.

I saw this system as sort of a Cadillac of game systems, because it had a nicely designed self-contained cabinet with a built-in screen, and could faithfully reproduce the crisp vector graphics of arcade games that were common at the time. It was also a bit of an anomaly because it superficially resembled tabletop electronic games yet was in a completely different class from them.

I eventually found one (sans controller) in a thrift store of all places. I was going to build my own controller for it, but ended up finding another, more complete system before I got around to doing that. I've since passed on the controllerless one to someone else who may build a controller for himself.